This is a port of the original arcade game. The Electron conversion was by peter Johnson.

Move Mikie through school by collecting all the hearts in each section (classroom, locker room, canteen, gymnasium and finally in the schoolyard). Each heart collected represents a letter in Mikie’s message to his girlfriend at the top of the screen and when the message is complete, he can move on to the next area.

There are two types of hearts to collect:
Single Hearts are to be found on the floor and under stools. To collect these you must walk over them. (You can bump your classmates off their seats to obtain the hearts with “hip-zap”.)
Triple Hearts are Placed inside lockers and on the top of tables. To collect these, face the hearts and press “shout” three times. N.B. Flashing hearts give bonus points.

When the message is complete and the bell rings, Mikie can move on through the door marked “OUT”.

Now you must negotiate the hallway which is full of doors and surprises and find the right entrance marked “IN” to continue. You have three lives to begin, but be careful as you are constantly hassled by those in charge: the Teachers, the Chef and Maniac Janitor who get very annoyed when they can’t catch you.


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