Mission Genocide
Amstrad CPC

Your mission is to fly over the Bad Star Empire in your star fighter and destroy as much of their world as you can in response to them attacking and devastating your planet CRYS-CIT. The more damage you inflict on their fighters and installations means the less chance they will attack again and finally destroy your planet.

Mission Genocide is a vertically scrolling, viewed from above shoot-em-up with the screen scrolling upwards constantly. You are armed with a laser and missiles and to fire your lasers you hold down the fire button, and to launch a missile you let go of the fire button and press the fire button. As well as the installations to destroy on the surface you have to shoot or avoid ships and if you touch one then you lose one of three lives.

Certain silo’s that are destroyed show an icon which when collected gives you power-ups like lasers and shields but you also have to collect Astro-Gloo which sticks the power-ups to your ship. Be careful of small black holes which can remove your weapons.


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