Moving Target
Amstrad CPC

Moving Target is a side-view, flick-screen, run ‘n gun game where you play the role of a Commando whose mission is to blow up the underground cocaine refinery belonging to the evil drug Duke of Colombia, who must also be killed. You were part of a unit who were sent deep into the South American jungle by the United Nations Narcotics Taskforce, armed with four bombs to blow up strategic electrical generators. Unfortunately, the unit was ambushed by the Duke’s henchmen and you are the only survivor, but you have vowed to go on and complete the mission. Armed with a Uzi machine pistol, you must search the refinery using ladders to move up and down different levels and looking for the bombs to place in their correct positions. Locked doors will also block your way but keys can be found and used to keep you on your mission’s path. As well as henchmen there are cocaine dealers and dogs that will also attack you, with the dogs sleeping so can be avoided with out waking them up. Obstacles you will encounter are mines and razor wire and if touched, or you are shot or attacked by the dogs then your health will go down shown by a percentage. You also have limited ammo but more can be found and food can also be collected to increase your health. If your health reaches zero then you lose one of three lives.


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