Mutan Zone
Amstrad CPC

Scorpio was one of the most beautiful space colonies of all the galaxy and its raw materials were one of the fundamental points of the terrestrial wealth. But, one day, the explosion of a Supernova altered the genes of the inhabitants of the planet, turning them into strange beings who hate the human specie and want to destroy it. In such a situation, the Earth space services sent a series of scientists in order to study the mutation and the way for solving it. But they were captured and forced to work for the scorpians in the creation of a definitive weapon that would make disappear our planet of the Solar System. Only a Rainbow-Command could avoid it and your help will be indispensable for the attainment of the mission. The game is composed of two parts, within which there are two introduction sub-games that will allow you to obtain some additional lives before starting the game itself. On the first part you will have to face a series of natural obstacles while shooting to everything with strange looks, for that, you count with a laser and a cosmic hammer, but you also should take batteries for your portable radar that informs to you of the enemy situation. Once finished this part, you will start the last one, in which you must be careful in not crashing your newly-acquired motorcycle with the multiple obstacles you will find, at the same time you get rid of the mutants, whereas you go to the laboratory where you will have to liberate the kidnapped scientists. It won’t be easy – you will find the head of the mutants who is anxious to give you a warm welcome.


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