Navarone is a fixed screen arcade shoot ’em up. The player controls a battleship and has to attack an enemy island. The game uses a top-down viewpoint similar to other shooters of its kind but differs in that the battleship can not only be moved left and right along the bottom but also up and down along the sides. The island covers most of the screen and is full of various objects. These include small dots and mines that can be removed by shooting at them. Shooting a mine will also remove all adjacent dots and mines. There are also a number of indestructible turrets whose fire has to be avoided. Finally in the centre of the island there is a large eye patched skull which is surrounded by walls. At times openings in the walls appear and the player can then shoot the skull. To complete a level all dots and mines have to be cleared from the island. When done the player can get a bonus based on how much time is left.


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