Out of This World
Amstrad CPC

You are a test pilot of the experimental RP2-16 fighter and while flying the ship, strange flashing lights appear and before you knew it, you were flying over a strange world. Your mission now is to fly over eight levels blasting as many aliens as you can to escape this strange world. The game is a horizontal side view scrolling game that scrolls to the left or the right. You must shoot waves of aliens and when you have shot enough then an E floats around and when collected you move to the next level. Touch an alien ship and you lose one of six lives. As you shoot the aliens some will drop a disc and these go towards better weapons, collect enough of the same colour and you can fire the better weapon for a limited time. Between each level is an interval where you must blast or avoid objects flying towards you for a period of time and if you survive you move to the next level.


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