Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s Box is an isometric arcade adventure and as such it features both puzzle solving and fighting. The game’s world is open ended and consists of over 200 interconnected screens. The aim of the game is to close Pandora’s Box by collecting four emerald seals.

Most of the gameplay involves exploring the world in search after various objects that are needed to progress. Some objects can simply be picked up from the ground while others can only be acquired by solving puzzles or trading with NPCs. Some characters also send the player out on errands in exchange for a reward. Often these are fetch quests where the player has to bring back certain objects. Puzzles generally involve activating objects at the right location or to combine them with other objects. Clues and quests are given on parchments that the player can find all around the world. The player takes damage when bumping into certain characters. At the start of the game the player is unarmed and can’t defend himself but after doing some puzzles weapons will become available. Weapons are equipped from an inventory (consisting of an maximum of eight objects) and are used with the same activate button that is used for puzzles. Since the player is a sorcerer he can also create magical staffs and scrolls by mixing different objects in a cauldron.


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