Pangya: Fantasy Golf
PlayStation Portable

Pangya Island is a bright, colorful place where ages ago, a hero saved the world from destruction by using a magic lance to hit a magic ball into a hole through which the life energy of the planet was being drained. Now, the people of Pangya Island play a game they call Pangya, which is based on the way in which the legendary hero saved the world — a game that just so happens to play almost exactly like golf.

Pangya is in many ways a normal golf title. It is based on the free-to-play online title PangYa, and features nine courses, all taken from the PC title. There are a few differences from normal golf, however: players can use a variety of items and special abilities to give their shots properties impossible in real life; and skillful playing will accrue a currency called Pang, which can be used to purchase items, equipment, some of the hundreds of outfits, or even gamble a bit for super-rare items.

The primary focus of the game is the Story Mode, where the player takes the role of many of the 18 unlockable characters through a story involving a mysterious boy named Kaz and various nefarious elements that mean harm to Pangya Island. There is also the Pangya Tour mode, which includes two elements: License mode sees the player completing a variety of challenges on each course to earn licenses, after which the player can participate in Tournament Mode, where 9 and 18-hole tournaments are played for valuable prizes. Lastly, there is also an ad-hoc wireless mode for up to four players.


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