Pneumatic Hammers
Amstrad CPC

You are Red O’Blair and you have arrived at the Lee Valley Gold Research Base to stop it being destroyed from a rockslide. To get to the gold for research, huge Pneumatic Hammers drive bridge pillars into a river bed but the lever controlling the power to the hammers is broken and a new one is required before the whole base is destroyed from rocks. The only metal available to make the lever is off course gold but this needs finding in the rocks, with only certain weights of gold pure enough to make the lever.

You start at the top of the base which is flick-screen and viewed from the side. The base descends downwards ad there are ladders and lifts to take you to each floor. You first need to get a metal detector on the first floor and then you can go outside to look for gold but you have to use the pillars that the hammers are hitting to get across the river so timing is essential. Once gold has been found it can be put in your sack where it can be taken to be weighed and checked for it’s purity.

Once you feel you have the correct amount of gold, you take it to the furnace to melt down and cast. Any gold that isn’t pure enough will disappear as you control the temperature between 980 and 1000 degrees. Once you have the lever you can then switch off the hammers and save the day. If you require more time in your quest for making a lever you can lift log piles with a crane onto the pillars the hammers are hitting.


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