Pocket no Naka no Doraemon
Wonderswan Color

Doraemon intends to return to Nobita’s room. However, the place where he got back by mistake was your (the player) room. Doraemon, who feels the same wavelength between you and Nobita, decides to stay in your room for a while.

Doraemon gives you a minidora as a proof of friendship. There are four types of minidoras: “Nobita type” who only takes a nap, timid “Sune husband type”, gentle “Shizuka-chan type”, and “Gian type” of Ramenbo. You choose one of these and grow a minidora with Doraemon.

Minidora grows while watching the conversation between the player and Doraemon. Then, until the day when we part ways with Doraemon, the days spent by three people (player, Doraemon, Minidora) determine the ending of the game.


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