Princess Maker 4 Portable
PlayStation Portable

The story takes place in a setting similar to Princess Maker 2, a fictitious location that resembles western Europe. The time might be later than Princess Maker 2 as the city looks a little closer to those from the Renaissance than those from the Middle Ages.

The premise is that before the beginning of the game, magic had just been perfected in the Human Kingdom. Using a kind of magical stone, alchemists and magicians were able to make many inventions in the way of magic. This lead to a revolution of enlightenment in magic, and people were trying to make money by harvesting these stones. However, the main source of this stone comes from the Realms of the Demons deep within a forest, and yet the people went on to mine regardless of the dangers. A torrent of humans poured into the Demon Realm, causing the Demon King to break his silence and retaliated with war.

The Human Kingdom was losing terribly, as the human soldiers couldn’t stand up against the ranks of the Demon Army. It was then that a hero stepped up and descended into the Demon Realms in order to convince the Demon King to stop by any means possible. Her name was Isabelle, a skilled swordsman and a powerful magician. The war stopped due to her efforts, and the kingdom has been saved.

A dear friend of hers who traveled and battled with her was there on the day when she stopped the Demon King’s army, but the two separated in that battle and Isabelle disappeared. Desperate to save her, the King ordered an expedition into the Demon Realm to find her, her friend was also in this group. After ten years of searching, the men around him died and the name of Isabelle became a relic of the past. He became the only one who still searched for her without fail, hoping to find her again.

One day during his search, the man came upon an Oasis. It was there that he found Isabelle, standing beside a demon youth with a child in his arms. She asked her old friend to take the child and raise her with the humans, and enjoy a normal life as a human. After coming to, he was on the outskirts of the Demon Realm, with a little girl holding his hand. He thus decided to raise the child as his own. Returning to the kingdom, he declined the offer of nobility from the king, and in return asked for a modest little home in which he could raise his daughter.

The game is heavily dependent on events, the plot aspect of these events will be detailed later.


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