The Psycastria have constructed four different types of installation, one on land, one at sea on a giant carrier ship, one on the surface of the moon and the final one in deep space. It is in these installations that they store their energy supplies in circular pods. You, now endowed with the skill and cunning of the famous Boggles, are in charge of a highly manouvreable craft capable of stunning mid-air changes of direction. Using just your basic astro cannons, you must attack each installation in turn, avoiding the high buildings that stand up from the surface. However, the Psycastria will put up a strong defence with their bizarre shaped fighters. You can cause as much damage as you like to the installations, but your main aim to destroy the ten cicrcular energy pods then land on the main landing strip, signified by the leading arrows on the left hand end of the strip. Once you have landed, there is a sub-game in which you can try for a bonus by destroying aliens that fly across the screen. When that is over, you can take off for the next screen.

You start with three lives and get an extra one for every 30,000 points, and your points score determines your eventual rank (10 levels from Novice upwards).


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