Puyo Puyo 2

Puyo Puyo 2 was developed by Compile and published by Sega in 1994.

Pairs of colored blobs fall from the top of the screen, and can be rotated left and right. Matching three or more blobs of the same color causes them to disappear. The game is played against another player, whether human or computer-based, and the player who survives the longest (who does not allow their half of the screen to become filled with blobs) wins the match.

Cute anime characters duke it out through falling-blob puzzle game matches. As your character progresses through waves of opponents, the battles become more and more challenging via speed increases and increasingly smarter opponents.

The more same-colored blobs that you match in a row, the more “junk” blobs will fall onto your opponent’s half of the screen. Fill up his or her screen to the top, and you win. Emphasis is put on the execution of “chains,” which are strings of chain-reaction blob matches. The longer the chain of matches, the more damage you’ll do to your opponent.


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