Roommate Novel: Sato Yuka

Roommate Novel: Yuka Sato (ルームメイトノベル 〜佐藤由香〜) is a standalone visual novel not related to previously released Roommate games which focused on Inoue Ryoko heroine, developed by the same company. Unlike in previous games, this game emphasizes word “novel” in its title by having the game play resemble that of a visual novel without built-in clock and time progress as in previous titles. Heroine in this story is Yuka Satou (佐藤 由香) which one day suddenly appears on your doorstep. You returned to your hometown from Tokyo for the summer, and you end up sharing a place with Yuka during the holidays. The text screen with player choices appears over the entire image instead of a dialogue window, and choices made by the player will lead to one of multiple endings.


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