Star Command
Atari ST

Star Command is a sci-fi role-playing game set in a vast fictional universe and featuring tactical space and squad-level combat, similar to SSI’s Pool of Radiance released the same year and other games of the Gold Box series. The game has nothing to do with Star Command Deluxe or Star Command: Revolution.

The game plays in a distant future. Earth is a distant memory, having been destroyed long ago. The small human population is concentrated in a small portion of the galaxy, called “The Triangle” due to its form, and threatened from its neighbors: The Alpha border is plagued by pirates, recently united under a certain “Blackbeard”, the Beta border is frequently ambushed by an intelligent insect-like alien race who is thought to plan an all-out war. The third border leads to largely unknown territory with space-faring robots of unclear origin. The only hope for mankind is the Star Command, the headquarter of military forces. You control a spaceship crew, trying to secure peace by completing missions issued by Star Command.


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