Players play as two manual workers, Harry and Dave, on a frantic clothes-cleaning night shift. In addition to the two main characters the game also includes a computer controlled character called Sam that attempts to stop the progress of the main characters.
There are five different levels to complete, each consisting of a specific task. In order to complete a task the player has to work out how to operate various pieces of machinery controlled by buttons, levers and ropes.
Each level ends when the available time expires or a specific quota is met. Following the completion of each level the two characters are shown in the manager’s office. If the level has been successfully completed then they jump up in the air in celebration. If the level has not been completed then the manager pulls a lever that opens a trap door, while uttering the words “you’re fired!”

The game supports either one or two simultaneous players. In one player mode the second character is controlled by the computer.


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