Take Your Best Shot
Windows 3

Take your Best Shot is a collection of Windows goodies and games based on the animations of Bill Plympton. The subtitle promises “Twisted Arcade Games for Twisted Minds”. In truth, the three games included are rather crude adaptations of Breakout, Pong and Baseball.

The main attraction is an interactive version of the dispute between the two cartoon characters Joe and his Boss. Both humiliate each other with bizarre weaponry. For example, Joe blows his Boss’ head off with a cannon; his superior takes his revenge in working Joe’s head with a lawnmower. You may choose the type of assault.

Additional material on the CD includes a couple of uninspired “flying heads” screensavers, nice desktop wallpapers and a collection of icons and sound samples.

All of the animation in Take Your Best Shot is taken from the animated short film Push Comes To Shove (1991). The program contains no further, let alone new art. More information on Bill Plympton can be found in the trivia and links sections.


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