Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave
PlayStation Portable

Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave is a spin-off of the Tales series, crossing the universes of the franchise by including heroes from previous flagship titles as playable characters. Significantly, Tales of the Heroes doesn’t feature the “Linear Motion Battle System” present in most games of the series. Instead, gameplay mimics the style of Dynasty Warriors in which the player wanders a map full of enemies and must fight crowds of them simultaneously. Dubbed “Aggressive Chain Capacity” (A.CC), the battle system involves depleting A.CC points through the use of artes, and regaining these points through free movement, normal attacks, or defensive actions such as guarding. Additionally, each playable character is paired up with another from the same universe; depending on which character is chosen, the other is computer-controlled and accompanies the player to battle.

The game features five modes: Story Mode, Free Mode, Tournament, Score Attack, and Extreme Mode. Story Mode follows a set of selected characters through either a serious or comical story, including Cress Albane from Phantasia, Stahn Aileron from Destiny, Veigue Lungberg from Rebirth, Chloe Valens from Legendia, and Jude Mathis from Xillia. Fifteen stories are included in all, one for each represented game. Free Mode allows for access to all unlocked stages and characters while Tournament offers the same freedom of character for a gauntlet of enemies on varying difficulties. In Score Attack, race against the clock to beat high scores on a stage of your choosing, and in Extreme Mode, complete challenging objectives using pre-selected characters.


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