Teenage Queen
Atari ST

Teenage Queen is quite simply strip poker. But it’s the nicest strip poker ever made, in my humble opinion; for the simple reason that the graphics are beautiful airbrush renderings that have been scanned and retouched, producing some incredible 16 colour graphics. And the custom OS makes the game load quick. Created by the French ERE Informatique team and converted by fellow countrymen Miami Software, who had turned to more serious coding after their cracking days as the French United Crackers Klan, or a 4 letter word for short. It turns out Miami created the IIGS version without being asked and when they presented it to Infogrames were told they weren’t interested in supporting the IIGS platform anymore. It somehow fell into the hands of the Blasters, a “Detroit based cracking group”. I’ve got a pet theory that Miami briefly returned to their cracking days and made it look like Teenage Queen was leaked…but then again, I can be a pretty paranoid, suspicious person. But I’ve since been emailed and told that it is indeed what happened!


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