The Interactive Adventures Of Seymore Butts
Windows 3

Follow the adventures of Seymore Butts and his camera and help him meet with the girl of his dreams. This full length interactive quicktime adventure features over 90 minutes of digital video with the freshest talent in adult entertainment. Starring some dudes and a lot of babes. The user joins Seymore and his video camera as he gets to know his new neighbor, the beautiful Brianna. Point of view camerawork and editing allow Seymore to stand in for the (presumed male) user, who “participates” in the adventures by making choices at certain points in the narrative; for example, whether Seymore asks Brianna to dinner, or offers her a soothing hot tub. When Brianna proves willing to have sex, the user clicks on one of a number of options. It includes Interotica Live video phone sex software.


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