Theatre Quiz

How does your knowledge of Theatre rate against a Grandmaster of the genre? This rewarding and compelling program for your BBC Model B or Acorn Electron computer has been specially adapted from the Weidenfield Quiz book and will provide hours of edification and amusement for family and friends.

Ranging from Shakespeare and Shaw to Stoppard and Pinter by wat of Sondheim and Noel Coward, this quiz will entertain, inform and occasionally infuriate people who go to the theatre once a year or once a night.

Theatre is one of a series of six Grandmaster Quizzes, in which you can pit your knowledge against a Grandmaster of the subject. The writer’s specialised skill and expert knowledge makes the quiz both challenging and exciting. Each program has thirty sections of ten questions – a massive 300 questions in all – and you can take the quiz alone, in competition with a friend, or in teams. You can choose a timed option too – and if you’re getting too many of the answers right, your computer can reduce the time you have to answer!


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