You are out to steal £250,000 in diamonds before your rival. You accomplish this by collecting the heaps of diamonds which appear on the screen, and taking them to the cache in your house. Unfortunately the other robber is not your only problem. There are several killer droids, employed by one of the insurance companies, to try to apprehend bandits such as yourself and recover the swag.

There are two types of droids, Henrys and Percys. One type will try to catch you, the other your opponent. You can “convert” one which is following you by shooting it. You can also shoot the other player’s man, and if caught by a droid or shot, you will drop your swag and be returned to your house. Naturally you will soon use up all the ammunition in your gun, but you can get more by depositing gold in the bank. The other way to convert droids is to move onto a DH, which changes all Henrys to Percys, and vice versa. Moving onto a Smiley has the effect of sending your opponent back to his house. If you shoot a police car it will follow you around the screen, which gives points to the other player, though you can stop this by drinking a car of beer (the sort which refreshed the parts other beers can’t) and shooting them again.


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