Xyanide: Resurrection
PlayStation Portable

Xyanide Resurrection is a sequel to the Xbox game Xyanide. It takes place after the happenings of the first game. The evil space witch Aguira is still alive after having escaped her death sentence. It’s once again up to the executioner Drake to find her and bring her to justice. Aguira has used the xyanide to create a strange world that Drake has to travel through and battle countless of enemies.

Xyanide Resurrection is a third person shoot ’em up, similar to a rail shooter. The player controls a spaceship travelling through space. Forward motion is automatic but the player can move the ship up and down and left and right to avoid the fire of the incoming enemies. The player can also rotate the view as the enemies attack from all angles. As enemies are destroyed they drop pieces of xyanide that the player can collect. Xyanide restores health but it can also be used to purchase upgrades and new weapons in the store between levels. When starting out the ship is equipped with a simple fusion gun that shoots single shots and bombs when bigger explosions are needed. Three extra weapons can be bought: shotgun, laser and rockets. It is also possible to buy a magnet to easier collect xyanide and a shield that can take some damage.

The game’s story mode consists of five levels that have to be completed sequentially. By playing the story mode, levels are unlocked for the quick play mode where the player can perfect his score. A digital comic and artwork can also be unlocked. There is also a score attack mode where the player has to get as many points as possible before time runs out. The multiplayer mode is for two players that compete in getting the highest score by collecting pickups.


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