3D Time Trek
Amstrad CPC

You are a survivor of the planet Corillian after space pirates launched a devastating raid. You now seek revenge on those responsible, to destroy them and their galactic tyranny. You are searching for them in your super powerful starship with computers and sensors to seek those murderous pirates.

You search the galaxy using a map. Once on part of your map you can send out a sensor. The results will tell you if there are aliens or planets out there. Finish searching that area, bring up your map and search elsewhere. Moving to another part puts you in warp speed. You can check on your battle computer, move energy into your shields and bring up any damage you have.

3D Time Trek is a 1st person perspective 3D space game. You look out of your cockpit into the dark depths of space. If you come across an alien, a crosshair appears allowing you to aim and fire on it. As well as viewing out your cockpit you can also see your energy levels, shield levels and your condition.


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