A 320
Amstrad CPC

You’ve parked your car near the entrance of airport terminal. The day looks good. Your flight is in a few hours, so you have time to get ready to take-off…

In the game you are a regular pilot of “A 320” airbus, who will be involved suddenly in terrorist action organized by air pirates. The plot is divided in three parts: two point-and-click adventure phases set in airport and on terrorist’s island and simplified flight simulator phase between them.

During the real-time adventure phase in airport, you should move between locations, interact with people and objects to gain information on radio channels, frequency, number of route, time of take-off, which vary in each seance of gameplay.

After sitting in cockpit the game is turned in the flight sim. You should perform take-off, activate the radio, and receive a first radio transmission from pirates, who will inform you on actions you should perform or airbus will be blown up. Finally they direct your airbus with passengers to the pirate’s island, where you should land it.

During the real-time adventure phase on the island you should find the pirate’s house, get inside it, and defeat pirate’s mastermind with a gun.

The overall gameplay is flown in first-person view, when player should move the cursor on the screen to move to certain location, collect, use or interact with items as well as talk with persons. The persons are real actors originally, but digitized slightly as well as overall environment. The game is flown in real-time and special part of screen shows the current position (parallel in time to yours) of some terrorist, who you can’t see until reaching a certain point of the game.

The game is played by one person and originally made in French.


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