A Question of Scruples: The Computer Edition
Amstrad CPC

This computer game is based on the popular adult board game. Three to ten people can play, any of which can be computer controlled. Before the game starts the human players determine their personality by giving scores to certain attributes. The computer’s personalities are pre-determined. You can choose a picture of a face.

Each player has three to five dilemma cards and a single answer card. The responses are limited to yes or no. The objective of the game is to get rid of all your dilemma cards. You select an opponent to answer a card. If the players answer and your answer card match then they are both discarded. You are given a new answer card. Your strategy is to pick a person you know will give the answer you are looking for. If the answer doesn’t match, the player is challenged. The remaining players vote on whether the answer given is true to their character or not. The winner of the challenge gives a dilemma card to the loser.

The graphics are limited to just showing the questions, your cards and the other players faces.


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