Alien Zombie Death
PSP Minis

In Alien Zombie Death, players take on the role of the Spaceman who is working all alone on mining platforms, and who is constantly under siege by Alien Zombies..

The game consists of fourteen levels (seven planets each with their own moon). Each level consists of multiple platforms that can be jumped up to or dropped down on. The player moves between these platforms while dodging environmental hazards and firing on the various aliens that constantly spawn in the level. Each level has several medals that can be earned for completing various tasks such as collecting a set number of coins or shooting a specific number of a certain type of alien. These medals are used to open up the later levels which are locked at the start.

Players can also find temporary weapon upgrades for the standard laser gun such as the 3-Way beam and Laser Missile scattered around the levels. Also, the Spaceman can only take three hits before the game ends, however a health item will occasionally appear which restores a hit when collected. Being that the enemies never stop coming till the Spaceman dies, other than collecting medals, the other goal of the game is to get as high of a score as possible for each level.


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