Amélie Minuit
Amstrad CPC

You are Amelie, a blonde hardworker in Paris skyscraper. In 11 P.M. you are understanding that you forgot very important document in office and also the way there. But you can’t go home without the document, so you must go back in office, take it with you, and go out of skyscraper. Also you know that in 0.00 A.M. the electricity in skyscraper will be turned off, and after that you can’t go anywhere, so you have to do your female mission in one hour. The Skyscraper has 29 levels, 224 offices, 112 lobbies, 1 terrace, 336 doors, 8 keys and 1 document.

You have to get helpful items and walk from one office to another using them and searching for your document. Some doors must be opened with keys, which you have to find. Your commands include ‘Open’, ‘Take’, ‘Look’, ‘Run’, ‘Take Key’, and ‘Read’.

There are five difficulty levels in the game, which vary from ‘Very Easy’ to ‘Impossible’.


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