Astérix and the Magic Potion
Amstrad CPC

Based on the comic book Asterix the Gaul, the game’s plot involves Getafix being captured by the Romans. They want a potion to make themselves invincible but instead the Gauls must trick them by collecting the ingredients to make hair grow faster.

The player controls three of the Gauls. Asterix is the smartest, so he must collect the ingredients for the hair potion. If the player grabs the dog Idéfix then he can call Obelix, who is the strongest, so that he can help with punching down walls. But if he doesn’t eat enough wild boar, he’ll fall asleep.

If a harp is acquired, Cacofonix can be summoned, who is the only one who can defeat the music-loving Druid. As Asterix can only carry one item at a time, the player must plan the path and have the correct one to bypass certain areas like having a shield to avoid arrows. There are meters on screen for amount of magic potions, wild boar and time limit left.

Included in the game box is also an Asterix mini-puzzle and a short black-and-white comic story called “In 50 BC.”


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