Amstrad CPC

The Khun people are settled on the great plains, taking advantage of their great fertility and the abundance of game that exists there. It was a tribe respected by the others due to its great strength and power. Like all winters, the village warriors head to the holy mountain to offer offerings to the god Irkal, guard of their village, but there they are brutally attacked by an eastern tribe, Tos Krull, the few warriors who survive after the Wild fight, they run to warn the people of the danger that is coming. Unable to do them (rent, because most of the warriors have died, they are forced to march to the northern lands, inhospitable and unfertile, but there is something that drives them to live there, hatred and rancor towards the tribe who had driven them from their lands. For years the old men have taught the young people the noble arts of war and among all these there is one who stands out, ATROG, who will be chosen to avenge his people and at the same time recover the sacred stones of the gods, has his hard training been in vain, is that up to you?


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