Back to the Golden Age
Amstrad CPC

The Kingdom of Euroland was his greatness and prosperity to a theocratic organization, Ase, governed by a mage who held his power of four Edres that allowed him to capture the universal energy.

Under the influence of this mage, three priests, each holding a Edre, imposed the respect and obedience in his name. By querying four Edres, the mage learned that these priests enslaved population and remettaient secretly in effect an ancient religion and vampirism.

The three priests fought to get their hands on all Edres and this fight, the cruelest one, Daimon, emerged victorious. A legend spoke of a person capable of overthrowing it then slew all young people between 10 and 20 years.

However, a child named Zad was born and raised in the small, forgotten. Raised by one of three former priests until his mentor gave him these powers, Zad mission is to find the three remaining Edres to reverse Daimon and thus restore peace to the kingdom.


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