This Biology program is a comprehensive O level and C.S.E. revision course.

The first part of the program is the inter-related tutorial/test section. Fully-illustrated tutorials explain the major topics of the syllabus clearly. Each tutorial is followed by a test of 10 questions on the material which has just been covered. If you have difficulties with a particular question, the computer returns to you to the relevant tutorial screen to show you where you went wrong.

When you are scoring at least 75% on the test questions in all 11 tutorials, you are ready to go on to the second part of the program, the examination. This consists of 30 questions (randomly selected by the computer from its store) to be answered within half an hour. Exam conditions are simulated by the computer: a clock displays elapsed time, and when time is up, the exam is automatically ended. Within the time limit, you can review and change your answers.

A special feature of the test and exam sections is the ‘scratchpad’. This is a portion of the screen which you can call up for notes and jottings.

Topics covered in this pack: Cells, Photosynthesis, Food cycles and feeding, Digestion, Blood and circulation, Respiration, Growth, Plant biology, The nervous system, Reproduction.


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