Blood Brothers
Amstrad CPC

After their parents were killed and their village burnt to the ground on the planet Sylonia, Hark and Kren have sworn revenge on the people responsible, space convicts The Scorpions. Over time the friends have designed and made Skywalk Jet Bikes and various weapons, and are now ready to travel to The Scorpion’s planet Scorpia and destroy the convicts. After becoming Blood Brothers they must explore the surface of the planet with their Jet-Bikes to find mine shafts which must be negotiated to find the convicts and kill them. One brother explores the mines, while the other finds the entrances.

Blood Brothers is a combination of two games, a platform and flying game. The platform section is flick screen where you must avoid obstacles and shoot the baddies. The flying section sees you behind the Jet Bike flying into the screen. You must fly into the gaps in the walls looking for mine sections. You can’t control the speed of the bike. You and a friend can control one of the brothers or you can control both by switching between the two. One brother is controlled by a joystick and the other by the keyboard.


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