BMX Freestyle
Amstrad CPC

BMX Freestyle is a multi-event game where you and another player attempt six freestyle events on a BMX bike. Each event has a qualifying standard and must be completed before moving onto the next event. If all events have been completed then you repeat them with a higher qualifying standard. The joystick or keyboard is used to control your BMX. The events are:

Wheelies Trial: You must pull a wheelie and keep the wheel up for over 45 metres by holding right to lift the wheel and let it go to lower it. If two players are playing then the screen is split into two with both players attempting the event at the same time.

Ramp Jumps: Waggling left to right as fast as you can, you must approach a ramp and when on the ramp press fire to kick. You need to clear your friends lying on the ground and reach a distance of 16 meters or more. The screen is split into two for two players.

Half Pipe: You must ride up each side of the ramp and complete 13 turns within one minute, you hold left when moving left and right to move right. Each player takes it in turns to play.

Slow Race: You have to move towards a finish line but in the slowest time possible and have to finish over 45 seconds to qualify. You move left and right as gentle as possible without falling off the bike. Two players attempt the event at the same time.

1/4 Pipe High Jump: You hold right to approach half of a half pipe ramp and you must jump over 6 meters. When you are close to the highest height you can reach, you press fire to turn so you can land back down safely. Each player takes it in turn to play this event.

Tricks Track: You have one minute to pull off as many tricks as you can and the qualifying score is 2500 points. Every time you pull off a trick you see some judges giving you a score. Both players attempt this event at the same time.


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