Bridge Player
Amstrad CPC

This program allows you to play the game of bridge
without having to find three people to play with. It
does not use prepared hands: instead the hands which
you will see result from random shuffling, which is
why you will have to wait a few moments for each new
hand to appear. Although it is not a bridge tutor it
will provide enjoyable and useful practice, particularly
for beginners and intermediate players, in both
bidding and playing the cards.

On each hand, unless you elect for option 2 (see
below), you will be South and your hand will be
displayed as if you were holding the cards. Using the
Acol system you will then be able bid your own hand,
with the computer bidding the other three hands. Once
the bidding is complete North and South’s hands will
be displayed and you will be able to play the hands as
declarer, with the computer playing the opponents’
hands. All legal bids are allowed including doubling
and redoubling. If, by mistake or design, you enter
an illegal bid it will not be accepted. Similarly
during the play of the cards you can play any card
which you are legally entitled to play but a revoke or
the purported play of a card not held is not accepted.

To assist the declarer, the computer will make a small
‘beep’ whenever a defender makes a ruff i.e. trumps
another suit led.

You do not have to bid the hand if you do not want to.
Option 2 allows you to see all four hands and then
decide what contract to play in and who is to be the
declarer. Thereafter you will be able either to play
the hand as before (i.e. playing only the declarer’s
and dummy’s cards) or to play all 4 hands yourself.
Whichever option is selected the computer will always
display (in addition to the 2 or 4 hands, as
appropriate) the sequential hand number, who was the
dealer, the vulnerability of North/South and East/
West, any part score and (once these are known) the
contract and who is the declarer. In addition, once
you have started to play the hand the number of tricks
won by North/South and East/West will be shown as well
as the cards played to the previous trick.


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