Can Can Bunny

The story of this game is simple. The protagonist is a lonely guy who constantly dreams about having a girlfriend but doesn’t do anything to actually get one. One night, a fairy with bunny ears named Ariko appears in front of him and says she will fulfill one wish for him. Afterwards she simply guesses what the guy needs most badly: a girlfriend. So she gives him a magic book, which will give him information about five beautiful girls living somewhere in the city. With this book the hero’s chances are increased. The quest for love begins!

The game plays like a standard Japanese adventure (still shots of locations, menu-based interface), with some additions. The hero can buy items and give them to girls as presents to impress them. The conversations with the girls involve going through several topics to find out what the girl likes. Once a girl seems to be “ready”, it’s possible to directly use commands such as “kiss the girl”, “touch the girl” (with body parts specified), and even “***** the girl”, which speaks for itself.


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