Amstrad CPC

The Centurions are Ace McCloud, Jake Rockwell and Max Ray. They must battle the forces of Doc Terror to stop his attempts at infiltrating the Weapons Development Centre and run off with a large supply of Tyron Dichromate, a chemical used in Nuclear Fusion. With their exo-frames, they enter the complex and blast Doc Terrors minions.

The game is played in the style of Gauntlet and is played on a three level multi-directional scrolling maze. You start as a scouting droid, but going over sea, air, or land pad transforms you into Ace, Jake or Roy. Killing a certain amount of enemies allows you to upgrade your weapon.

To move about the maze and to the different levels you must collect six segments of the master key to move through different corridors. The keys are found on a pad surrounded by sea, air or land. You have to switch between the different Centurions to cross the area and retrieve the key.

Buckle up and make sure Doc Terror doesn’t succeed. You don’t want to go back to the job centre.


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