Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Amstrad CPC

Roald Dahl’s famous children’s novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (which comes included), is the basis for this set of 5 different mini-games:
Guide Augustus Gloop floating through a maze of tubes of a machine in the candy factory so that he arrives safely into a flask, by changing his direction to the correct tube.

• Avoid deadly blueberries that Violet Beauregarde throws at you from gaps in the wall of the juicing room.
• Veruca Salt must avoid squirrels who toss poisonous nuts at her.
• Mike Teavee must jump to different platforms to collect chocolate bars while avoiding killer TV cameras.
• When the first four games are beaten, a code for the final fifth game given will be given. It’s a Jet Set Willy clone where six golden keys must be collected.


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