Charly Diams
Amstrad CPC

Charly Diams is an action adventure game about a young man Charly searching for a hiding place of a treasure with blue diamonds. The player should help Charly to collect seven miraculous flowers scattered around the world in order to unveil this place. Charly can walk, jump normal, jump high, swim, dive, change clothes, and regain his stamina visiting the places such as green plain, snowy mountain, hot desert, and warm sea. The circular world of the game is divided on static screens, and Charly can consequently proceed from one adjacent screen to another in any order. The stamina of Charly is decreased with his travel, and it should be re-filled with certain actions such as drinking a liquid or breathing over the sea waters. The girls proposing the liquid are dancing, while Charly is drinking. The clothes of Charly should be changed manually in special houses to be able to survive in the regions of different climate or specifics. An encounter with deadly scorpions or crazy riflemen, a fall from a mountain’s road, a drowning in the water, or a complete loss of the stamina can kill Charly, taking out one of his three lives.


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