Classic Punter
Amstrad CPC

Classic Punter gives you the chance to make your fortune and get rich by betting on the horses at a race meeting where you can select the number of races from 1 to 50. One or two players can play and bet with the aim of a one player game is to win £1,000,000 and a two player game is for one player to beat the other player. At the start of the game you are presented with your first race with a choice of horses and their odds. You can select a win bet or a forecast bet where a win bet allows you to bet on the winner while the forecast allows you to bet on the first and second place horses. After selecting your bet you can decide to pick S.P. odds which means the odds are fixed or Tote odds where the winning odds are given at the end of the race and can either be lower, higher or the same.

Once the bets are made then you can watch the race which is viewed from the side at an elevated angle with the screen scrolling from left to right. After the race the result is given and any money made or lost is shown. During the meeting between some races you can buy a tip with the more expensive tips having a better chance of being correct but there is no guarantee the horse will win. If you are low on money then you can get a loan but this will cost 10% weekly and 10% of your winnings are given to the lender. The game is over when either all the races have been run, your money reaches £1,000,000 or you lose it all.


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