Cobra Force
Amstrad CPC

Cobra Force is a side view horizontal scrolling shooter where the screen scrolls left or right when you move your helicopter, and the aim is to save your country from an enemy invasion force by helping blowing up their various bases. The bases can be destroyed by a B2 Stealth Bomber but the problem is that the bases are defended by various missile installations and so your mission is to fly your AH-1W Super Cobra and destroy them all to allow the bases to be destroyed one by one.

As you fly looking for the installations, there are various crafts and ground vehicles that move around the level and these can be shot by your cannon. The installations though can only be destroyed by one of your three different types of missiles and bombs but these are limited but heli-pads can be landed on to replenish them. If you are hit by an enemy or it’s weapons then you lose part of a meter and when it is gone then you lose one of three lives. Hitting walls and platforms though loses you a life straight away. POW’s can be found and rescued and when you rescue one then your damage will be repaired. Once all installations are destroyed then you can go to the far right of the level and face the end of level boss and when it is destroyed you move to the next level.


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