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Columns (sometimes called Columns CPC) is a take on the classic SEGA falling block puzzle game Columns. Blocks of three parts forming a vertical line drop down and each part can have a different colour. The player needs to stack the blocks to create a line of three identical colours or more, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The pieces cannot be rotated, but the order of the colours can be changed while the block is falling.

The Levels mode consists of fifteen levels. It tells the tale of a Princess Genara who is locked in a pyramid. The player has to free her by moving through rooms, removing stone by stone. The closer to the princess, the faster the stones will fall as the player progresses through the levels. There is a time limit that is carried across the levels. A timer constantly counts down and a certain score needs to be reached to progress to the next room. Extra seconds are earned by making a match of more than three blocks and a large amount is also provided at the start of each new room. When time runs out, the entire mode needs to be restarted from room one. After each cleared room a results screen is shown with the door leading to the next room.

There is also an Arcade mode where a certain number of stones need to be removed before time runs out or until the field is entirely filled up. The three remaining modes are endless modes because on the difficulty levels easy, normal and expert.

This game was released as both a physical copy, and a free digital download.


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