Cosmic Shock Absorber
Amstrad CPC

You are Cosmic Shock Absorber, Saviour of the Universe (hopefully!). Time and Space is falling apart (again?).

Cocooned safely in the cockpit of your CZ Neutrozapper fighter (only four repayments left) it is your job to blast your way through the different dimensions of chaos to the source of life itself, the Interstellar Lake of Protozoic Slime. If you make it, the Universe may survive, and most people will pay your bills.

However, the call from the President couldn’t have come at a worse time. The CZ Neutrozapper is badly in need of a service. As you attempt to blast your way to survival, various circuit boards will have a nasty habit of blowing. Unfortunately, with no one else to help you, you will have to leave the blasting to carry out a speedy repair job, and for your sake, it had better be speedy.

But … wait a minute … it’s worse than that. In the rush to get into the thick of the action – you forgot the “How to Repair Circuit Boards using the Phasering Iron Manual”.

Oh No – Cosmic Catastrophe!!!!

Can Earth possibly survive?


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