Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future
Amstrad CPC

Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future is based on Britain’s classic comic strip space hero. The CPC version shares the scenario with other versions, but has unique gameplay and goals.

The Mekon has launched a hollowed-out asteroid and targeted it at Earth: if his demands are not met, the planet will be destroyed. Dan Dare and his friend Digby fly towards the asteroid, looking to destroy it. While searching for an entrance, Digby is captured by the Treens. Now it falls to Dan alone to save the day, armed with only his laser gun.

The game is a side-view platformer with light adventure elements, taking place over almost a hundred screens depicting the inside of the asteroid. Dan must complete several goals: to destroy the asteroid, he has to activate the self-destruct. The activation mechanism however is across a large chasm, in the same place where Digby is held. To cross it, Dan must collect four bridging pieces. Once the self-destruct is activated, Dan and Digby must flee the asteroid by using the Mekon’s rocket ship. Time is limited: an indicator shows how little time Earth has left. Standing in Dan’s way are automated defense emplacements as well as Treens. If Dan is hit, he loses energy. If it runs out or a Treen touches him, he is captured and thrown into a prison cell. Luckily, the cell’s door is faulty and he has no trouble escaping, but will lose valuable time.


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