Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse, the PD game, doesn’t actually owe anything to the original cartoon other than its graphics, and is as such nothing more than a Hunchback clone. For those youngsters out there, Hunchback was a very early game, where you had to cross a number of increasingly hazardous screens to ring a bell, finally rescuing Esmeralda. The dangers came in the form of flying arrows, bottomless pits, fireballs and guards trying to stick poles at you. It was nothing more than a timing and reactions game, but in its day was a classic.

So what’s to tell about the mouse of danger? Well not a lot really. It’s quite nicely programmed, and features some groovy samples of the original music and voices. The game play really adds nothing new to the Hunchback genre other than a few pick-up icons that award speed or exit the level. Not bad, and a nice reminder of a nice character, but not stunning.


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