Death Wake
Amstrad CPC

The war over The Homeland is on the brink of being lost by the Allies as The Enemy hold the North, East and West, outnumbering everything the Allies hold. To make matters even worse, The Enemy are on the brink of completing research for atomic capabilities and when finished will finally end the war for the Allies. Many attempts have been made to destroy the research centre but all have failed as it’s at the end of a heavily guarded inlet under a mountain. You, the Captain of The Undaunted are the nations last hope as you attempt to sail down from your base, sail across the sea, sail down the inlet before attempting to destroy the research centre. The game starts with a map of The Homeland showing the position of both sides bases, aircraft and ships. You must select your aircraft icons and select targets to attempt to destroy with more damage making the passage for your ship easier. Once you have attacked then the computer attacks your icons and any damage inflicted puts that icon out for one to two turns. Once all attacks have been made by both sides then various types of arcade sequences start as you make your way to your target. Complete an arcade sequence and you go back to the map to attack the computer once again. The arcade sequences are either viewed from above or a 1st person perspective. The above view ones have you controlling your ship and two escort boats, and you must shoot down planes while avoiding bombs, torpedoes or mines. You can steer your ship to avoid the various weapons and if you hold the fire button down you control a sight to shoot the planes but you can’t control the ship. The 1st person sequences have you trying to shoot various ships by firing shells from your guns. You have to lower or lift the guns up and down to find the range for your shells while the enemy ships fire back at you. Your ship has a damage meter and everytime you are hit then it increases and if it reaches 100% then it is game over. Once you have made it to the research centre you now face the centre from a 1st person perspective and you have to destroy by firing shells through the doors as they close. If they shut then you have lost and the war is over.


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