Delivery Agent

Delivery Agent is a managerial simulation in which between one and four players take control over a forwarding agency. The goal is to get as successful as possible within a time frame between a half and five years which is set before starting a new game. The basic way to gain money is to buy vehicles (trucks, planes and ships) and accept missions from customers. There are various things to consider, including the kind of load (certain ones require special vehicles and/or vehicles), the time frame, the capacity (a good workload is good for the balance, but delays cause contract penalties) and the route. Trucks can be upgraded (e.g. with a refrigerator wagon) or repaired.

Of course there are various other options available, too: advertisement to reach new customers, sabotaging the competition, illegal goods, opening repair outposts, taking a loan or stock trading. Also important is the image of the company which is hurt when illegal actions come to the light. The interface is completely menu-based.


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