Deluxe Galaga

Edgar M. Vigdal: “Deluxe Galaga is based on the game StarBattle on the old VIC20. That was one excellent game, that I had a lot of fun with. It’s also some features from the games Galaga and Galaxions. I played Galaga on an arcade machine, but it was so long ago that I have forgotten how it looked like. My version of Galaga (or StarBattle) is a simple shoot’em up game with good game play, but not so much fancy graphics. Many of today games have lots and lots of graphics, but when it comes to game play they really sucks. They have manuals covering hundreds of pages, and you need hours and days to get into the game. What I want from a game is some relaxation for a couple of minutes, and then be able to quit the game and do some more work. And not to mark the calendar for when I want to play the 60MB hi-tech game!

You are in control of a small starfighter, and your mission is to protect the earth from alien attackers. When you start, your ship have limited supply of bullets and are moving a bit to slow, but by shooting the aliens you can collect the falling bonuses and get all sorts of weapons, extra speed and a lot of other goodies! When you are hit, some of the weapon power is lost and also speed and any bonus time you have collected. This loss is bigger on the hard level. There are double shoot, triple shoot, super weapon, extra life, smart bombs, money, warps, secret bonus level and much more to be collected and added to the starfighter. Look out for mother ships, rockets, warp malfunctions, super guardians and Super Cash Ship! There is also a lot of secrets in the game, you can find this secrets yourself, or you can buy them in space-shop. The space-shop will appear every fourth level, but you must have more than 50 credits to enter the shop. There are more than 10 secrets hidden in the game and some that are not listed in the game!

The Sub Games:
Meteor Storm: You must navigate you ship through a field of big rocks floating in space. Some of the rocks have bonus point on surface and can be collected. There are also some money containers floating around. Collect these and get some extra shopping money. You will get a super bonus if you complete the meteor storm.
The Memory Station: Try and find a pair (Two blocks that look the same) in a matrix of blocks. If you find a pair you will get the bonus that are one the blocks. You only have limited time to find as many pairs as possible. If you find all the pairs you will get a bonus.
The Warp Malfunction: Shoot and try to survive the attack of the warped beast from outer hyperspace.”


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