Dogfight 2187
Amstrad CPC

Prophecies from times of old predicted that in the Alpha Centauri sector there would be a great invasion from an unknown enemy from another dimension indicated by a hole in the time continuum. To prepare for the hole and to prevent the invasion they split a warp field generator into 100 pieces and scattered it around space. Centuries later and Scientists have discovered a hole but no one is sure if the prophecies are true or if the generator pieces exist at all. You play as a believer called Rhett Dexter and after stealing a new experimental interstellar fighter you fly into space to find nine pieces of the generator to close the hole and save mankind.

The game is viewed from a 1st person perspective from your cockpit with the instrument panel at the bottom of the playing area. Two players are able to play at the same time with the screen split into two and the players can either fight each other or co-operate against the computer. The instrument panel consists of a Galactic Compass, Radar Scope, Countdown Clock, number of objects collected, fuel and shield indicator, enemy ships weak spots and weapon type.

As you search for the generator pieces you will encounter waves of four enemy crafts at a time trying to destroy your ship but you can destroy these with your lasers and occasionally a destroyed craft will drop a generator piece. As you fight your fuel will decrease and any hits from the crafts decreases your shields and if these reach zero or the countdown clock reaches zero then it is game over. Once a wave is destroyed then any planets or generator pieces appear and you can track the locations of these objects and crafts shown on a radar scope which gives a 3D effect of space.

You can carry two pieces of the generator at a time and these need to be taken to the time continuum hole whose location is shown on the Galactic Map and the actual hole is a grid of nine squares with the squares being removed for every piece placed. If your shields and fuel are running low then you can fly through a gate near a planet which fills each item.


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