Drain Mania

Drain Mania is a game where a love of sewers is an advantage! You play the part of Theodore, an athletic young chap who wanders the various tunnels of the system in search of a way out. But the sewers are inhabited by mutant sewer creatures who get washed down the drains at the top and slither down to the bottom. During their dangerous descent, you must either avoid or kill them. This is achieved by head-butting them up through the floor so that they fall over, then kicking them out of the way. If you fail to kick them, they will get back up and pursue you even more viciously than ever!

Any encounter with the creatures will result in death. Each creature has a different resistance to head-butts – some require more than one butt to make them fall over. Butting the Zap block causes all creatures on the screen to die, but this can only be used three times. Occasionally, water or fire balls are ejected from the pipes. These must be avoided.

Coins lost down the gutters are hanging from the ceilings. These can be collected, and if you get a tunnel full of coins, you should try to collect them all before the beasties catch up with you.

You can move left and right or jump, but beware of the slime underfoot. Some tunnels have different slipperiness factors, so tread carefully. You can avoid death by becoming invisible, but only for a short time on each screen. You get a bonus life and extra Zap block at 10,000 and 30,000 points.


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